Custom Silicone Wristbands UK

Build your own customised silicone wristbands with our wristband builder.

Welcome to Silicone Wristbands Online in the UK

Silicone Wristbands Online is one of the only wristband providers to offer an online design tool to design your wristband before buying. We believe you should be happy with the way your wristbands look before purchasing them so you can be sure you will not be disappointed when you receive your order.

Segmented Wristband

The segmented band will allow for a small section to be segmented allowing you to emphasise a certain area of the band. This will ordinarily be accomplished using a different colour. This works best for someone looking to bring focus to a logo or particular point of text.

Filled Wristbands

Again these bands go under the guise of many industry names, but in simple terms they are bands engraved with text that has then been flooded with a hardwearing, coloured soft enamel ink to make your message really stand out. They are our most popular type of wristband by a mile because they look so good and wear incredibly well!

Debossed Wristbands

This is a classic, first made famous by the Livestrong campaign, this wristband really has endured the test of time. Its amazingly durable, and gives a subtle approach to branding and awareness. Recommended for long term wear and sporting events due to its outstanding durability.

Embossed Wristbands

A classic, and inexpensive silicone wristband with raised lettering or logo. A great band, fantastic for any occasion. Again the effect is subtle, although striking effects can be achieved with a good font choice. Recommended for long term wear and sporting events due to its outstanding durability.

Printed Wristbands

Printed either digitally or using a silk screen technique this type of wristband is a great choice where a detailed or fine font, text or logo is required. Striking colours and designs can be achieved using these print techniques. This type of band is recommended for short term use due to the surface print wearing off over time and use.

Swirl Wristbands

Swirl wristbands provide a different style to most. Creating a multi-coloured effect with 2 selected colours, making your wristband very interesting. With your text or logo being added using a debossed method, this wristband will certainly stand out.

About Silicone Wristbands Online

We aim to deliver something truly unique to each and every one of our customers; from the smallest 50 wristband order to huge corporate event orders. It’s our job to provide interesting and eye catching designs, create long term relationships, and deliver fantastic customer service whatever the size of your company or order.

Silicone wristband effects available for schools and events

  • Segmented silicone wristbands. Up to 5 colours of silicone can be poured into a wristband mould giving a rainbow effect great for PRIDE Or an eyecatching design can be achieved by using contrasting colours of silicone on each half of the silicone band with contrasting text on each side.
  • Swirl silicone wristbands. Contrasting colours of silicone are poured into a wristband mould then partially mixed or ‘swirled’ to create a marbled effect. Care needs to be taken selecting the correct colours as a third or tertiary colour can be created; we would recommend using only 2 colours of silicone for this reason, We can help with your selection to give you the effect you’re looking for.
  • Glow in the Dark silicone wristbands.An amazing luminous green glow effect for night time events where lighting is subdued! Fantastic for fireworks events and nightclubs. Contrasting or dark text/logo is recommended to make your message really stand out.
  • Glitter. A new addition to our range, adding a little sparkle to your wristbands really transforms these bands, giving them a fantastic twinkling shimmer when the light catches them. Looks great on black, pink and purple bands.

All of our silicone bands can be individually wrapped in clear plastic self seal wrappers. This gives the wristbands a ‘sale ready’ look and really adds value to your goods; a fantastic idea if you are selling the bands, or giving away as gifts or wedding favours.