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Silicone wristbands and health care.

By December 6, 2017 No Comments

stethoscopeWalk around a hospital ward and you’ll see a whiteboard above each patient bed with poorly scrawled instructions for treatment. Often the writing gets smudged and the result is an untidy and disorganised looking mess.

One phrase we can all relate to seeing on one of those boards is ‘nil by mouth’.
Its vitally important that catering staff can clearly see these messages; so hospitals have begun to have silicone wristbands printed with medical alert messages.

The patient wears a brightly coloured wristband with the relevant message making it really clear for medics to act on, or avoid certain treatments.

Popular uses in hospitals are insulin dependant bands, haemophiliac bands, asthma and epilepsy bands.

Blood types and allergies are often printed on the bands to add an extra level of security to increasingly busy healthcare providers’ workloads.

The silicone is soft, flexible and super hygienic so perfect for patient safety and comfort.

I’ve also seen a number of homes for the elderly using silicone wristbands as a security and safety measure for the memory impaired.

Elderly Couple SmilingWristbands can be printed with the care home contact information and slogans such as
‘I’m memory impaired please help’ or ‘I have Alzheimer’s’
If patients become disorientated or confused, wander and become lost, these bands become an invaluable tool in protecting the most vulnerable, and giving much needed peace of mind to family members.

To find out more about how you can use silicone wristbands in your industry contact www.silicone wristbands online.co.uk and chat through your needs and how we can help with a friendly team member.


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